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Statement of Principles

Statement of Principles

The Victoria Anarchist Bookfair Collective affirms and promotes mutual aid, direct democracy, direct action, anti-authoritarianism, autonomy and solidarity. We reiterate our opposition to capitalism, imperialism, patriarchy, heterosexism, racism, colonialism, statism and all other forms of oppression; we will not accept participants in the Victoria Anarchist Bookfair who perpetuate or promote such values.

The Victoria Anarchist Bookfair is a space to network, highlight, and aid struggles, both local and international. We strive to promote anarchist ideas through workshops, cultural activities and the bookfair itself. We have a spirit of openness towards different anarchist traditions, visions, and practices. Our aims are threefold: we seek to introduce anarchism to the public, to further elaborate upon current and historical anarchist ideals and to foster dialogue between various anarchist tendencies.

The Victoria Anarchist Bookfair’s priorities concentrate upon the written & spoken word (books, pamphlets, zines, audio-visual materials) by individuals and groups including publishers, distributors, and action-oriented associations. We also accept, on a case-by-case basis, information and participation from community/activist groups, self-publishers, artists and vendors of materials such as buttons, T-shirts or patches who fit within these principles. We do not accept the participation of political parties or candidates in the bookfair.

Decisions are made by consensus at Victoria Anarchist Bookfair Collective meetings. Projects planned for The Festival of Anarchy need only to be discussed and agreed to at a meeting, at which point they are autonomous.

Accessibility and Safer Space Policy

The Victoria Anarchist Bookfair collective actively strives to create an accessible event. We aim to avoid replicating the barriers in society that exclude and marginalize people. In line with our principles, we organize the Bookfair to challenge exclusions deriving from social oppression. We maintain:

  • A policy of no alcohol or other drugs and we ask all participants to respect this and help us ensure our relationship with the venue remains solid.
  • Wheelchair access to events: the hall is fully wheelchair accessible.
  • A safe and welcoming event for children and their parents.
  • An event free of smoke, nuts, and perfumes/scents, to enable a kid-friendly and accessible event for people who might have allergies, including allergies that are life-threatening.
  • Journalists are escorted and ask permission before they take pictures.
  • Respect for everyone’s privacy: photographs may be taken for 1 hour, between 2-3 pm each day.
  • Before taking pictures and/or posting them online, ask for permission.
  • All pets must remain outside and on leash. Only working dogs are welcome inside.
  • Free admittance (donations accepted).

The dynamics of hierarchy, power and privilege that exist within society are also found amoung us. People participating in the bookfair are asked to be aware of their language and behaviour, and to think about whether it might be oppressive to others. The bookfair is no space for violence, racism, ageism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, sizism, or touching another person without consent. Acting in a way that perpetuates oppression, including through language, will not be tolerated.  

Our attempts to equalize access are made within the limits of current resources and therefore may not be perfect. However, we welcome suggestions for improvement and will do our best to implement them.


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